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Hi.  I’m Jessica.  I love food and cooking but above all I love baking!  I’m a wife and mother of one wonderful “tween” who likes to be my sous chef (but that mostly consists of just licking the spoons and mixing bowls when we’re done).

My journey began a long time ago.  As a child I expressed an interest in baking by always coming up with weird concoctions in the kitchen.  Luckily I attended a vocational high school and fell in love with their Culinary Arts program but I quickly transitioned over to the Baking and Pastry Arts world and my passion for baking grew deeper.

I was accepted to a culinary school and planned to major in Pastry Arts but life got in the way and that never happened (woe is me!).  However, I continued to bake here and there to satisfy my sweet tooth and I even worked at a supermarket bakery for a few years.  Between graduating from college (Nutrition major…yeah I know, baking and nutrition don’t go hand in hand. Ha!), getting married and raising my daughter, I didn’t have much time to bake as often as I would’ve liked.

As life would have it, I lost my job a few months ago.  Since then I have begun baking much more frequently and getting back to cake decorating and such.  I’m sure my friends are tired of seeing pictures of my cupcakes, cookies, etc. pop up on their feeds every week (sorry, I’m not sorry guys!).  So I decided (with the gentle push of a very good friend) to start blogging as a way to chronicle my baking adventures and celebrate my love of sweets .  Some recipes will be my own, others will be recipes adapted from other blogs I follow (and am greatly inspired by) as well as from cookbooks that I own.

Some other things I love:  makeup, shoes, reading, margaritas and photography.

Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment and become a follower to keep up to date with my posts.  And I hope you visit often.


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